Perhaps we will continue to search for others who can tell us what is right until the truth that resides inside of us becomes enough.

— Felipe Zimmer

Who is Felipe Zimmer

Felipe Zimmer is a spiritual messenger, speaker, and the author of Masters of Belief. He was born in Brazil and currently resides in California, United States. Born into a family that no one talked about spirituality or self-knowledge, at age 17 he spontaneously had a profound spiritual transformation, an inner experience that shifted his reality. However, it was only years later that he was able to understand this transformation, which he later began to share with those interested in experiencing for themselves.

He spent most of the last decade meditating on the essence of life. This led him to retreat to a house in the thick of nature, driven by the intention to discover himself on a deeper level and rediscover humanity as a whole. Without books, technologies or the presence of other people, Felipe looked at existence from beyond the mental meanderings of daily life. By expanding his consciousness, he was struck by inspiration not of this world but from what is beyond. It was then that he received the inspiration to write a book. After this experience, Felipe decided to share with others what he had learned. He began to work with individuals and groups of people in southern Brazil who sought inner transformation. Recently graduated from a university and having a promising career ahead of him, Felipe left everything behind to live and share a spiritual message with people from all walks of life. Now he lives in the United States, where he extends his work to the rest of the world.

What does Felipe do?

Spiritual Messenger

Bringing consciousness to the world.
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Connecting with people’s lives.
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Sharing a message of inner transformation.
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Masters of Belief

Masters of Belief is the result of inspiration and numerous spiritual experiences. The book was written for anyone searching for Clarity, Wisdom, and to get to know themselves at a deeper level. It’s for those wishing to renew their understanding of Life and Death, Time, God, Relationships, Emotions, Spirituality and of who we are. This book does not inform “the correct beliefs for the world,” far from it. Instead, it shows readers how their beliefs create their experience of the world at all times.

Masters of Belief is an invitation to inner transformation. It reveals the workings of the mind and teaches how to go beyond it, anchoring the Spirit. Its content inspires and guides readers through their spiritual journey, helping them to create and enlighten their experience of reality.

Speaking Engagements

You have probably heard that you create your own reality. We intuitively recognize this as truth. However, when it comes to creating a new experience, or when we look back at those we have already built, many of us realize that we don’t know where to begin. Felipe not only teaches spiritual seekers a powerful way to create but also how the process works. Through the sharing of spiritual experiences and insights, Felipe opens the way for those who wish for awareness in their lives to master their beliefs and go beyond their own minds.

Quotes from Masters of Belief

“Human experience corresponds directly and indirectly to the beliefs that created them.”

“The mind is to the body as climate is to plants.”

“Beliefs and thoughts are the lenses through which we view the world.”

“There are as many expressions of spiritual enlightenment as there are grains of sand on a beach.”

“The fullness of Being is beyond any concepts, or even experiences, for it is our inherent nature.”

“To assume responsibility is to understand that we have the power to transform our reality through our beliefs and choices.”

“We invite you to contemplate what is beyond the habitual mind.”

“You cannot change your past in the past, but you can change your consciousness about the past in the present, which is the same as transforming your past.”

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