One of the most beautiful things to witness in life is humility because it brings us closer to our true nature. It is something wondrous to behold. By humility, I mean the choice to face the truth in ourselves with grace, and surrender to it. It’s a key to go beyond most of the walls we build in our minds.

Sometimes friendships are the vehicles for this occurrence if we choose so. Through a friendship I have with someone, we both have learned that there are no limits to human relationships, except those we believe. The possibilities are endless. I’m confident that humanity can experience a reality where profound relationships are common and natural—the moment we choose it.

I’m enthralled by our capacity to go beyond the limits. How do we do it?

Spirit shows us perspectives that are invisible to the mind’s eyes. At the same time that all the answers are within us, they are also everywhere else. It is not a question of where but from where we look.

There are times when our minds project the life-giving source as something being outside of ourselves. This creates harsh results in our experience. And sometimes it does the opposite, it goes inward, creating an isolating bubble as a mean to protect itself. Many of us are experiencing this bubble.

Sometimes, when we mostly look outward, we create realities where we would do anything to avoid being alone and face ourselves with complete honesty. At other times, when we only want to look inward, we create realities that elude what we call the external world, preventing ourselves from going out there and purposely creating something.

That is one of the reasons why, in some cases, we see people that are considered “bad characters” with apparent wealth and health, while others we believe to be “of good character” have wealth and health problems. Many of us wonder why this happens and deem it unfair. In the first case, these people’s minds mostly look outward, creating a visible, “outside” empire. In the second case, the mind somehow struggles with the outside world, creating an “inward” castle. Both experience a fairly similar degree of suffering but on different sides of the coin. We would certainly prefer to be a person of good character; however, there are a lot more than two options in life. There’s a whole universe beyond the castle of our mind, which we sometimes fail to perceive.

In order to break through this bubble, we don’t need to direct ourselves to the other extreme. We are the ones who classify within and without, which are useful to our daily lives. However, it is beyond all the labels that we find the fullness of being.

In fact, none of these temporary states define us. They are nothing more than that: temporary states.

But the practical question remains; if I want to create change, what can I do?

When I look at my life, a passage from Masters of Belief comes to mind: “Questioning life does not give you the answers through which beings find harmony, but by questioning what you are doing with this opportunity, you will always find a solution.”

We can make the best of every opportunity by accepting that we are authors of our own reality. Our choice is true power. Nonetheless, sometimes, even though we think we have made a decision, we find ourselves stumbling internally. That’s because we haven’t fully made that choice. It’s humbling. When this happens, observe yourself again and find out whether your decision is coming mainly from your mind, still related to limiting beliefs of doubt and fear. Next, go beyond your mind and anchor yourself in spirit.

This is when the magic happens, and healing takes place. Moreover, this is when our life creation takes place.

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