It’s time to change your life from the inside out.


You’re in the right place if this sounds like you…

You know what you want but feel stuck and don’t know how to change. You just don’t know how to get there. You feel like there’s a lack of clarity and support. Or you have a hard time taking action.

You are not clear on what you want specifically. You have no idea what to do, where to start, or how to make a clear decision.

In both cases, you’re looking for clarity, accountability, and transformation.

Relationships: if you struggle with one or more of these: loneliness, neediness, emotional dependence, powerlessness. If you’re looking to create solid relationships (romantic, friendships, business partners/coworkers) from a place of confidence, wholeness, emotional independence, and power (not over others, but with others).

Business: if you feel like you self-sabotage your own business endeavors, you often see yourself with a scarcity mindset, you feel undeserving of thriving, or you feel bad about making more money as if it was unjust to others that you’d succeed with your goals. If you are looking to replace these limiting beliefs with new ones that would help you thrive, flow, and succed with your business goals.

Personal Development: all the above are tied to your personal development but sometimes we have existential issues that can have a huge impact on our lives, such as the big questions, why am I here, who am I, what is this all about, why do I fear, etc.

I’m a Life Coach and I can help you:

  • Get clear on your life’s purpose
  • Go from a state of neediness to wholeness
  • Shift limiting beliefs and acquiring effective ones
  • Work on your mindset
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Act on your goals
  • Have a better relationship with yourself and others
  • Build the life that you want to build
  • Have the accountability you’ve been looking for

A quick introduction about me…

At this point, you probably don’t want to know everything about my life, except how qualified I am to help you. For a decade I’ve been working with people to help them look inside and see things clearly, transforming their lives for the better. Here are some things about me that you might find interesting and relevant to you. My background consists of multiple experiences that complement each other, giving me a holistic view of what lies beneath the surface.

Many of my family members were professors and researchers who work in universities, from physics and biology to history and economics. I graduated in Kinesiology, having a good understanding of the human body, western science, research, and critical thinking. I also graduated in Acupuncture, Eastern Medicine Practices, and Tai Chi Chuan. On the other hand, for a few years in southern Brazil, I lived with a shaman man and a woman who had a deep practice and understanding of psychological and spiritual matters, which provided me with a life experience that I know very few people on earth have had anything similar.

I’ve had both short- and long-term romantic relationships, and I’ve also voluntarily experienced celibacy for years in order to deeply understand my sexuality. Many times in my life I’ve had an abundant social life with friends and family, but I also gladly experienced long periods of solitude, such as when I was isolated in a house in nature for six months with no technology, books, or people to interact with.

I wrote a book sharing deep insights about the nature of life, both collectivelly and individually, called Masters of Belief – A Guide to Spiritual Liberation, which was published in 2019.

All of these combined experiences, ranging from one extreme to another and what lies in between, have given me a deep understanding of the human condition and an ability to help people look inside and thrive in their lives and relationships.

What people are saying …

“I’ve been on a spiritual journey for many, many years, and I was delighted when I came across Felipe’s work and his book. I’ve discovered a few things I hadn’t heard before. Between the pages of Masters of Belief, I found something profound that I believe can be of great help and guidance to others.”


Web Developer & Designer

“More than just learning, I like to understand things. And one of the things I’ve learned from Felipe now I can say I live by it. It’s about SYNERGY and how it happens. That we are together, connected, and forming a whole. Once we know that, we can always create things in the best way.”

Adilson Gaivota


“When I talk with Felipe, I feel that we cross all the limits of the mind and plunge into the liberating truth of the spirit, our natural state. It’s beautiful to realize that through words Felipe is able to communicate life’s simplicity, which sometimes we forget. He flows when doing this, and that’s because more than talking or writing about it, he lives those words entirely.”


Kinesiologist & World Traveler

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