It’s time to change your life from the inside out.

You’re in the right place if this sounds like you…

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I’m a Life Coach and I can help you with:

  • Getting clear on your life’s purpose
  • Going from a state of neediness to wholeness
  • Shifting limiting beliefs and acquiring effective ones
  • Working on your mindset
  • Healing emotional wounds
  • Acting on your goals
  • Building the life that you want to build
  • The accountability you’ve been looking for

A quick introduction about me…

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Common Questions & Answers

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What people are saying …

“I’ve been on a spiritual journey for many, many years, and I was delighted when I came across Felipe’s work and his book. I’ve discovered a few things I hadn’t heard before. Between the pages of Masters of Belief, I found something profound that I believe can be of great help and guidance to others.”


Web Developer & Designer

“More than just learning, I like to understand things. And one of the things I learned from Felipe and I can say now I understand, is what is SYNERGY and how it happens. That we are together, connected and forming a whole. Once we know that, we can always create things in the best way.”

Adilson Gaivota


“When I talk with Felipe, I feel that we cross all the limits of the mind and plunge into the liberating truth of the spirit, our natural state. It’s beautiful to realize that through words Felipe is able to communicate life’s simplicity, which sometimes we forget. He flows when doing this, and that’s because more than talking or writing about it, he lives those words entirely.”


Kinesiologist & World Traveler

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