Masters of Belief

Masters of Belief is a book written for anyone seeking Clarity, Wisdom, and Self-awareness—for those who want to know themselves at a deeper level.

Why another book about spirituality

Our spirituality is in perfect juxtaposition with who we are. Better put, it is the wellspring that causes our true nature to become experience. Felipe is not the only one, nor the first one, to open himself to the fact that we are spiritual beings. So why listen to his words?

The answer to this question is found in another “why.”

Why a another book on spirituality? Why not keep it as a personal experience?

In a world where media and information can be seen as a mirror of who we choose to be, as human beings and as a society, we see most of the news reporting violence and creating fear. Most people are overwhelmed, not only by the amount of information but also by the content. May one day information be mainly educational, scientific (regardless of institution), spiritual (regardless of religion), and a source of genuine connection rather than disconnection. We don’t believe it’s too far in the future. It’s in our hands.

As Felipe mentions at some point in the book: “For some, the distribution of violence is a feast, as much as those rare messages beneficial to peaceful living are a feast to others.” This is one of the “whys” of this book, to provide information that serves as a spiritual guide for all of those who seek connection to meaningful content. If that is something that attracts your interest, feel invited to be part of it.

Truly, we do not need another book on spirituality just to have more content; there are other profound reasons. The following words taken from the book speak for themselves: “In many countries, citizens are waiting for their leaders to change the status quo, or to take a stand that will transform society. However, every nation has the kind of government their collective consciousness embraces. Their representatives respond to the demands of the population’s intentions. At the same time, others stopped waiting, having lost faith in politics, and spend their lives complaining about their leaders’ failures. Others expect religious institutions or large corporations to transform society, while a final group awaits and hopes for this to happen through military might.

How many have entrusted themselves with this change? We are in our comfort zone when we wait for others to change. At times, our psychological projection is so big that some of us come to the point of believing someone else’s death might be the solution. Our minds tend to project onto external systems the attention and energy our own beings could use to create change. The transformation we have asked for in our civilization is for all beings to leave the comfort zone, and to enter a zone where we can freely express who we truly are and want to be.”

Finally, one more sentence that sums up a genuine reason for the existence of this book: “Therefore, the most effective change, increasingly requested by human beings, rather than being political, economic, or social, is a change related to consciousness.”

That’s what this book is all about! As a result of Felipe’s own spiritual experiences, he is able to share insights and inspirations with us. May it leave you inspired as well!

Where you can find it

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, and other retailers. Tell us your thoughts (and feelings) when you get yours!

What people are saying …

“I’ve been on a spiritual journey for many, many years, and I was delighted when I came across Felipe’s book and discovered a few things I hadn’t heard before. Between the pages of Masters of Belief, I found something profound that I believe can be of great help and guidance to others.” Ahmara

Web Developer & Designer

“More than just learning, I like to understand things. And one of the things I learned from Felipe and I can say now I understand, is what is SYNERGY and how it happens. That we are together, connected and forming a whole. Once we know that, we can always create things in the best way.” Adilson Gaivota


“When I talk with Felipe, I feel that we cross all the limits of the mind and plunge into the liberating truth of the spirit, our natural state. It’s beautiful to realize that through words Felipe is able to communicate life’s simplicity, which sometimes we forget. He flows when doing this, and that’s because more than talking or writing about it, he lives those words entirely.” Paula

Kinesiologist & World Traveler

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