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Mastering Beliefs

A Path to Inner Change

We have been taught to believe in specific stories. Whether in school, family, or religion, we learn the beliefs about Life that make up our mind structures, which turn into our experiences. Most of us were taught what to believe but very few have been taught how to transform our beliefs if we will, which is why many of us suffer on a regular basis when we wish to change our lives. Instead of repeating old patterns unconsciously, what if we learn how to master our own beliefs? What if we understand the mechanisms by which beliefs and choices create our experience of reality and apply it to our own lives? After all, inner changes create outer changes. Felipe shares powerful stories and insights, inspiring audiences to become their own masters.

Felipe brings a profound and yet peaceful atmosphere while talking to people, inspiring them to look inward as he teaches about what lies beyond the mind, the essence that is naturally available to all of us, but we have rarely been taught how to connect with it. After listening to him, what once seemed as far away as the horizon may become as close as a mirror in front of us.

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