In the midst of a global pandemic that brings economic, political, social, and health crises to our society, who do we trust? In times of certainty—at least in terms of societal systems—we humans tend to trust our economy, institutions, politicians (sometimes), and certain social groups. However, in times of global crisis, the confidence we place in them is shaken.

Many talk about confidence, but few understand that humility precedes it. At the moment, we are required to have the humility to recognize that, as a society, we were not prepared for the global pandemic we are facing now. Our society’s systems have failed in many ways. It is worth remembering that society is made up of people, so most of us were not prepared either. Whether we like it or not, it is a fact. Perhaps I’m being tough on you in bringing this statement, but that understanding will be necessary to see what is beyond the limits that we have cultivated for so long. If we only have the courage to be humble enough to acknowledge this, we will see that beyond the horizon of what we think we control there is a natural process that embraces us.

Recently I was talking to a friend who asked me, what is your take on everything that is happening now?  I said that these are natural occurrences from life itself. Because that is what they are, these natural occurrences come to restore what is essential. There have been other pandemics and plagues in the history of humankind, and they have all taught us something. Nevertheless, this time is different because now we are a global society. People from all parts of the planet are connected via the internet, but, truth be told, before we were connected to the Web we have always been connected to nature.

Right now, in the midst of this crisis, there are millions going to the internet looking for help, comfort, and confidence, because they don’t know what to do. But if we take the time to look at what is natural within ourselves, we may find just that. Thereafter collectively as well. The world is facing an unprecedented opportunity to reconnect with what is essential and that starts with our lives.

For decades, a portion of the population has said that it’s insane to give the highest title on the planet to the economy. Then a pandemic surges and stops the world economy. For decades, many have said that our pollution habits have created a climate crisis and several adversities for our animal friends and other lives on the planet we share. Then comes a contagious disease requiring everyone to stay home to save each other. Planes, ships, cars, and factories stop, reducing the impact on the climate, like a breath of healing for the Earth. For centuries, many have been gaslighted to believe that external power and wealth are the solutions to their suffering, whether by thinking that they must be rich and famous or by flattering those who appear to be so. Just to see a virus contaminate anyone without any discrimination. For centuries, most of us devalued many essential workers who underpin our life in society, valuing just a few. Out of necessity, we are now realizing how essential their work is to all of us.

For thousands of years, a few good souls have said that we have a spiritual crisis of conscience, patiently waiting for the time when many will say the same. Living in the world today possibly means living just that, as now many need to stay home and look at themselves, find stillness, think differently, face their shadows, and find their light. Social distancing, a global retreat if you will, is an opportunity to heal not only a disease, but also for the mental, emotional, and spiritual healing of ourselves. What is the principle of healing? To trust that it’s already here, available to all of us. A prerequisite for it to happen. As this cure is available within you and me, let us listen to the voice of nature guiding us along the path that has been forgotten for so long, that of communion with life.

At this point in time, we may feel experienced enough to change our questions from—”How many times did we not listen to nature giving us signs? How long did we disrespect life cycles? How much longer will we not listen to our inner voice?”—to something more assertive and effective towards change. How can we listen to nature giving us signs? How can we respect life cycles? What is our inner voice telling us now? Since we are interconnected to nature, its imprint also lives within us. Nature has given us signs, but we have not heard them because our stubbornness and greed have left us trusting on those illusory beliefs that we mentioned earlier, those that are now falling apart.

Sometimes we believe that trust is all about self-aggrandizement. The belief that some self is more valuable than another is. This single belief is why we often feel insecure. A simple observation of the truth shows us that we are part of something larger than ourselves and whether we call it God, Life, Nature, or a different name, we all came from the same source.

True confidence comes from something greater than ourselves, by having faith in nature, the universe, and life itself. There may be an intelligent process behind what humanity is going through, an opportunity to heal. Trust, open your ears and listen to what nature has to say.

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